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Members of the House Judiciary Committee

The 38 members of the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee met during 1974 and eventually voted to submit 3 articles of impeachment to the full House.

Nixon resigned before the House considered the impeachment articles.

Democrats (21)

  1. Peter Rodino (D-New Jersey) – Chairman
  2. Harold D. Donohue (D-Massachusetts)
  3. Jack Brooks (D-Texas)
  4. Robert W. Kastenmeier (D-Wisconsin)
  5. Don Edwards (D-California)
  6. William L. Hungate (D-Missouri)
  7. John Conyers (D-Michigan)
  8. Joshua Eilberg (D-Pennsylvania)
  9. Jerome R. Waldie (D-California)
  10. Walter Flowers (D-Alabama)
  11. James Mann (D-South Carolina)
  12. Paul S. Sarbanes (D-Maryland)
  13. John F. Seiberling (D-Ohio)
  14. George E. Danielson (D-California)
  15. Robert F. Drinan (D-Massachusetts)
  16. Charles S. Rangel (D-New York)
  17. Barbara Jordan (D-Texas)
  18. Ray Thornton (D-Arkansas)
  19. Elizabeth Holtzman (D-New York)
  20. Wayne Owens (D-Utah)
  21. Edward Mezvinsky (D-Iowa)

Republicans (17)

  1. Edward Hutchinson (R-Michigan)
  2. Robert McClory (R-Illinois)
  3. Henry P. Smith III (R-New York)
  4. Charles W. Sandman Jr. (R-New Jersey)
  5. Tom Railsback (R-Illinois)
  6. Charles E. Wiggins (R-California)
  7. David Dennis (R-Indiana)
  8. Hamilton “Ham” Fish Jr. (R-New York)
  9. Wiley Mayne (R-Iowa)
  10. Lawrence J. Hogan (R-Maryland)
  11. M. Caldwell Butler (R-Virginia)
  12. Delbert L. Latta (R-Ohio)
  13. William S. Cohen (R-Maine)
  14. Trent Lott (R-Mississippi)
  15. Harold V. Froehlich (R-Wisconsin)
  16. Carlos J. Moorhead (R-California)
  17. Joseph J. Maraziti (R-New Jersey)
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