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Archives for 2005

W. Mark Felt Was Deep Throat

W. Mark Felt - Deep ThroatThe former deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, W. Mark Felt, has been identified as Deep Throat by Vanity Fair magazine.

W. Mark Felt, 91, was second-in-command at the FBI in the early 1970s. His identity was revealed by Vanity Fair magazine, scooping the Washington Post.

The revelation was confirmed by Bob Woodward on the Washington Post’s website at 5.29pm Eastern time.

Felt’s family issued a statement which said: “The family believes my grandfather, Mark Felt Sr., is a great American hero who went well above and beyond the call of duty at much risk to himself to save his country from a horrible injustice. We all sincerely hope the country will see him this way as well.”

Felt suffered a stroke several years ago and lives with his daughter, Joan, in Santa Rosa. It appears he kept his Deep Throat identity a secret from his family until 2002. According to the family statement, Felt said: “I guess people used to think Deep Throat was a criminal, but now they think he was a hero.”

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Deep Throat Close To Death, Claims Dean

Deep Throat, the anonymous source who provided Watergate information to the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, is reportedly close to death.

John DeanThe claim is made in an article by John Dean, the former White House counsel to Richard Nixon, in an article in the Los Angeles Times. Dean was jailed for his part in Watergate. More recently, he is the author of Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush. [Read more…]

Rose Mary Woods, Nixon Secretary, Dies, 87

The famous photograph of Rose Mary Woods demonstrating how she 'accidentally' erased 18 minutes from an Oval Office tape recording

Rosemary Woods, personal private secretary to President Nixon during Watergate, has died, aged 87.

Woods was supposedly responsible for the famous missing 18 and a half minutes from a White House tape recording.

In 1973, Woods testified that she had apparently made a mistake while working with the tape of the June 20, 1972 conversation between Nixon and H.R. Haldeman. This was three days after the Watergate break-in. Woods claimed she pressed the “record” button when she meant to press the “stop” button.

Woods initially denied erasing the tape but then changed her story. Haldeman’s notes of the conversation indicated that the missing section contained instructions from Nixon about a public relations strategy to distract attention from Watergate.

Woods subsequently demonstrated how the 18-minute erasure might have occurred. The improbable contortions where she attempted to show how her foot remained on the tape recorder’s remote control whilst she leaned across to answer the telephone were widely mocked.

The famous photograph of Rose Mary Woods demonstrating how she 'accidentally' erased 18 minutes from an Oval Office tape recording